Who Will Reign Supreme in Aspen?

Winter X-Games 2014 Aspen - Day 3

Once again, Winter X Games has arrived at Aspen. The game is expected to start from 28th January and continued till 31st January, 2016. Best athletes from all over the world have arrived at Aspen in order to participate in the game. Snowboarding, Skiing and a thrown down with Snowmobile are forms of action packed games in Aspen. Therefore, exciting four days is guaranteed for the both participants and visitors. In the world of action sports, Winter X Games has obtained highest amount of regards from the participants. Therefore, it is better to keep a watch on these action sports. Both the Olympians and legends are performing at the 2016 Winter X Games that is featured live from the Buttermilk Mountain.

In the year 2016, X Games will be completing its 15 year in the sports arena. Both the prizes and medals can be won during the competition. To give optimum pleasure to the crowd, music performances have been arranged on the side.

By looking at the events of previous years, it is possible to obtain a preview for this year. 2016 Winter X Games is expected to be a huge phenomenon. More than 200 skiers, snowmobilers and snowboarders have registered for event. Most of these athletes belong from the elite class. Therefore, competition of high caliber is anticipated without any doubt. Both the prizes and glory is expected from the game.

Presence of Olympians is observed almost everywhere. Jamie Anderson, Sage Kotsenburg, Mark McMorris, Shaun White, Kelly Clark and Max Parrot is considered as the leaders of snowboarding. Therefore, great show can be expected from them. In the category of skiers, names like Gus Kenworthy, David Wise, Bobby Brown, Maddie Bowman and Joss Christenson has appeared. Most of these athletes have Olympic medals and X Games. Through the forms in Winter Games Olympic in Sochi, it is possible to obtain an idea about their forms and timing.

Women Skier

Olympic Games are not nearby. Therefore, best possible effort is expected from the skiers. Maddie Bowman has shown her skill in the last Olympic in Sochi. She can achieve more in the 2016 Winter X Games with her creative flow of juices in superpipe. In the event of women skier’s, Maddie Bowman is considered as the best.

Women Snowboarder

Due to retirement of Katliyn Farrington, a sad environment has been noticed. Kelly Clark is also a legend of the game who has won 12 medals in previous games. Torah Bright is also another name to remember. However, Torah has not won a medal since the season 2009. Therefore, it is better to keep a look over Chloe Kim. By surprising the world, she has won a silver medal last year in debut. Top quality game is expected from her.

Men Snowboarder

Shaun White is expected to grab all the attention this year as he has returned to game once again after pull out last season. However, Danny Davis has lot of practice in the Buttermilk superpipe. White has managed to defeat Davis previously. It will be interesting to see if he can achieve the same now. In addition, both Ayumu Hirano and Iouri Podladtchikov can be considered.

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Now all that is left is for the snow covered mountains of Aspen to transform into X Games 2016!